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Why are we here

Digital assets have opened door for us to trade new things. We crafted our trading platform with our background in capital markets, wealth management and cryptocurrencies for the believers in this new economy. Partnering with our group company FinFabrik, we set out to bring interesting investable products to life and empower anyone to invest in anything.

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Quant advisor


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What is margin trading?

Margin trading refers to the process of buying stocks or cryptocurrencies using borrowed funds. If you are trading cryptocurrencies, the funds are borrowed from cryptocurrency exchanges.

Will I own the asset directly on XP Invest?

No there is no actual ownership of the underlying asset, you are simply trading the price movement of the asset.

Do you pay dividends?

After the corporate action by a company the price of the underlying index being traded is adjusted on the ex-date.

How does it work in the back?

The Bitcoin that you send to the platform is deposited with a custody partner. These funds act as collateral for you against which you are given buying power on the platform. All pairs are quoted in BTC terms. Settlement is also done in BTC so if you are long on BTC for the long term you don’t need to worry about cashing in and out. We have a hedging engine to protect ourselves against large price movements for our client’s open positions.

What is the fee associated with the platform?

We charge no fee on the platform unless you use leverage for trading. Our charges and commissions are built into the pricing that you see on the platform. We work with multiple market makers to source the pricing that you see for the trading pairs. We will never charge you a price higher or different from what you see on your order form.

What are the security features used in the platform?

  • Custody solution provider for safekeeping of client funds
  • 2FA for customer security
  • Industry grade encryption

How is XP Invest different from other cryptocurrency exchanges?

Through XP Invest, you can access multiple assets on a single platform and settle in BTC. If you’re a long-term believer in BTC, but still want to profit from other market opportunities this is a great way to do it. We will also leverage the strength of our group company FinFabrik. They are working on tokenising alternative assets. These assets will be listed exclusively on XP Invest.  
It is one platform which will give you assets to cryptos, equities, commodities. And you never need to worry about cashing out your crypto.

Where are you based?

We operate out of Hong Kong S.A.R.

Can anyone sign up?

We currently don’t allow users from Hong Kong and the United States of America.